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Summary Of Onpassive Bussiness

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3 Simple Steps For Your Dream Onpassive Business

1. Evaluate the facts to convince your self that you will become wealthy, within months & not years
2. Become a Founder now for $97 one-time, before the price increases to $149. See the huge Founder benefits for you, including your higher positioning in the company matrix
3. Share what you learn and how you feel about Onpassive. Learn as much as possible how and why you will obtain Abundance Excess Profits, to help needy people locally and also globally

Summary Of The Team Needed Onpassive Action

  • We Teach Everyone In Our Team To Use PROFITS To Keep Adding New Revenue Centers By Making Periodic Membership Packages Purchases, Of At Least Five Packages, Every 6 Months
  • Study the revolutionary Compensation Plan for you to get excited on how you can help other people become wealthy. The more people you help the richer you become
  • Adopt the stated company goal of helping Humanity of using your Abundance Excess Profits

At Soft Launch, Onpassive starts marketing campaigns to recruit new founders to place below the teams of existing Founders

At Major Launch, EVERYONE START AS CUSTOMERS (ALL Founders, New Independent Referrers, and New Customers – who can remain as customers, but some will select to become Independent Referrers to earn money)

EVERYONE must select to buy one or more of the Tools/Services Packages ($25, $125, $250 or $500). If one starts at $25 Package Purchase, Onpassive automatically upgrades buyers to the next higher Package using only profits earned. Buyers can opt to buy additional packages from their pockets anytime after the first purchase.

REMEMBER: Using profits, WE should keep adding purchases as New Revenue Centers for ourselves and for anyone we care to help earn profits, as long as they promise to do the same, for anyone who they care to help become wealthy.

REMEMBER: Onpassive will have dozens of proprietary breakthrough innovative products at the best quality and lowest possible cost, at the Major Launch. Onpassive will continue to keep adding new products that people want to buy, soon after Launch and into the future

ONPASSIVE – CATMO – Complete Automated Targeted Money

By: Bill Must     |     Published: Oct. 10, 2020

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