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Member Questions/Comments

Question – Please can you explain me the concept of 3×10 forced matrix? I still don’t get the concept of spillover, in 3×10 forced matrix. If somebody joins by paying 25USD & then is not able to get even a single person under him, then how will his own matrix grow…..how will he get a share of income from the system? Huzefa Handy

Answer from Ash – There are certain things that will  surprise you inside ONPASSIVE, after signing the agreements, we consider them IP data, and only available for ONPASSIVE Resellers.

What we can share with you today is: it’s not 3X10 matrix, its unique pay structure that is predicted to spread ONPASSIVE Virally, not every customer is a reseller, however every reseller must be a customer.

If you like what you learned so far about this topic, then you are going to love the official “math” inside your upcoming ONPASSIVE backoffice.

Question – I would like to find out which countries are available to us to invite founders to our teams?
Look forward to hearing from you. Helen Micallef

Answer – You can click on your own registration link and then click on “Select Country” to see a list of available countries.

Question – My incorporated company use to get it’s revenue from a retail store, which no longer exists. I had to put in about $200,000 (Cdn) to cover the stores debts and taxes. BTW, these funds came from the sale of our house in BC. We now live in Ontario. The proceeds from the sale of ones principle residence is tax free in Canada. I am thinking of changing my profile to my company name: H.O.T. (Health & Other Things) Inc. This way I can recover the $200,000 tax free from OnPassive revenues paid to my company. I am wondering if we can also change my wife to our company too. She also owns the company. I could possibly use the full name of the company and the short form H.O.T. Inc. for me. This way we could get approx. $100,000 each tax free. Would this work visa vis GoFounders? Another benefit is that our company can pay us dividends too. But there may be other tax saving plans as well. Thoughts. Your input and help will be appreciated. Thanks and all the best, name deleted

Answer – You are asking for advice that I am not able to provide. I would suggest waiting for ONPASSIVE to launch at which time we may have access to virtual workshops which will focus on Legal And Financial Assistance/Advice as Ash discussed in my last General Update. You and your wife can change the name in each profile at any time.

Question – A question I didn’t think to ask but I know our links no longer have our names on the website to them .. like when you give someone a link it doesn’t show so & so name so is each link coded to you as the person who referred that person? James Geddis

Answer – All 32 of your “Invite” links with the exception of #16 do display your name.

All 23 of your “Invitation” links do display your name.

All 7 of your “Webinar” with the exception of #7 do display your name.

All 22 of your “Presentation” links do display your name.

None of your 47 “ONPASSIVE.COM” links display your link.

Your “Registration” link does not display your name.

All 132 of your links do contain a unique code which identifies you as the owner of the link. For example, all of my links contain these 4 characters at the end >>>> 8u5A . Make sure your are aware of your unique code and that it is displayed properly when you send any link to someone or when you are using the TrimURL feature.

Question – Is it wise to send multiple email addresses in the same link even though some of them may be invalid or is it better to send them one address at a time when you share a link? Davis Stevens

Answer – I believe you should send a personalized message whenever possible. For example the subject could be “Important Message for John Smith from Davis Stevens”. Start the body of your message with something like this…”Greetings John, I have some very important information to share with you today. I hope you can spare a few minutes to review it carefully and you will understand why over 145,000 folks worldwide have joined forces in this awesome project.” — By personalizing your communication you will experience a better response.

Comment – Hello, Thank you for the beautiful OnPassive E-Books.  I want to share them and the file size is very large. I tried compressing it with Adobe but it was too large to compress.  Please may we have reduced file sizes for ease of sharing with prospective business partners.  Gratitude!  Mireille M.

Response from Leon Daniel – Mireille, the OnPassive E-Book is not intended to be shared with prospective business partners. You can share it with those who have already submitted their verified email address and name through your marketing efforts, including use of the Invite, Invitation, OP.com, and other links within the back office. This E-Book by Jeffrey Morlock is most useful to educate those who have already chosen to be a Founder. It is an excellent tool for extending a new Founder’s knowledge of GoFounders and / or OnPassive.

Comment – Facebook has 3.1 billion people and 180,000,000 businesses that use their platform, and we’re going to tap in to that market share. I hope all you founders really know what you have in your hands and are sharing with others you’d like to see be a part of this amazing platform. No need for all these separate apps. All under one umbrella, All done for you , complete business suite…. COMPLETE AUTOMATION ….Amazing….. Beautifully done! Key Wendell

Response – Thank you Key for reminding everyone as to the vast marketplace that awaits the launch of ONPASSIVE.

Comment –  Hello, Ken and yes, I received Your last update, thank You. I want to report that many of my refs haven’t received it and they haven’t last times too.. just as the invitation to the weekly webinar, they almost never receive it.. can’t get why.. Thanks for giving an eye on this issue, please 🙂 Rossella Cairubbi

Response – Make sure they check their spam folders. If they are not using a gmail.com email address it is best that they set one up and ask support to make the change in their profile.

Response – Hello Ken and thanks for your kind reply. To be honest, all of the refs I’m referring to, they already use a Gmail account, and have told them to check the Spam folder, but they haven’t received the last update You sent, nor the last webinar invitation.. don’t know why this happens, but they often tell me they haven’t received some GoFounders’ e-mails.. Thank You for Your interest, anyway, and have a nice day 🙂

Response – We must assume that this will always be an issue. That is why we have our own internal communication system (Inbox) which is not dependent upon a third party provider.

Question – In the process of inviting my friends, they all ask me the same question which I struggled with, “what product(s)/services are Onpassive going to be offering”. I watched many of the recorded webinars but still couldn’t figure out the answer(s). Will sincerely appreciate any itemized services/products. Thanks,
Lawrence Ajumobi

Answer – Jeffrey Morlock discusses the products/services offered by ONPASSIVE in this video….

Comment – Listening to Ash on the webinar so straight forward, his passion for excellence, the fulfillment of the Onpassive platform to change how business is done and the awesome opportunity we share as Founders. Some may not comprehend how special this venture is to have over 143,000 people from all over the world who share a positive attitude and willingness to become part of something special and unique. My oldest son and I had a long talk last week about the negativity and hate in the world today and what could be done to change that. What we all share here is very special, we do have the ability to change the world with Onpassive each in our own way. Richard Markey

Response – So true Richard. In the very beginning I asked Ash — “What is your greatest concern as you move forward with this project?”. His answer — He hopes that everyone will take the time to learn what ONPASSIVE truly entails. Only then will they have a true understanding and appreciation of the task at hand.

  • Onpassive will never have access to your E-Wallet or Bank Account or your Credit Card Info to charge you anything without your EXPLICIT approval
  • The $997 charge will come only FROM YOUR PROFITS after you apply to be approved for Renewal as a Founder and after you agree for Onpassive to deduct the $997 from your profits. Ash Mufareh covers that with full details in his Compensation Plan Videos of July 17, 2020 and August 9, 2020, in YouTube (the July 17th and Aug 9th are the same but the recent one is published by another Leader in Onpassive)
  • What founders receive are individual choices from dozens of tools and Services – which are 100% best quality but lowest possible price, starting One-Time $25, Higher cost levels include targeted TRAFFIC packages that automatically build your own signups of founders and ‘regular Members after the Major Launch/EASY Automated Duplication for EVERYBODY aside from additional recruiting spillovers from upline (OPTIONAL)
  • The Unilevel Plan is just for Founders – I am now teaching ALL my Founder Teammates for us to be BILLIONAIRES to use our profits to pay for ANYONE WE LIKE who promise to do the SAME (use their massive automatically growing profits to pay the Founder Fee, whether $97 now or $149 at the soft Launch for Founders benefit only, or $997 at the Major Launch, or even $9,997 – which will NOT be available forever for New Founders. More details about the New Founder Plan should come this Thursday.
  • Three headquarter Offices locations (one in Orlando, FLA and two in India Plus 2 more Headquarter Offices – Location/Countries to be announced this Thursday. Ash said that these offices will be mainly for Public Relations.