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What are Founders?

Founders are the early adopters of the radical, new ideas that birthed ONPASSIVE. They Are the folks that paid the $97.00 cost to obtain a “Founder” position within ONPASSIVE. As such, they engage in many activities for the company like beta-testing everything in the GoFounders Platform to include systems used for marketing and money-flow, as well as programs that make up ONPASSIVE’s digital ecosystem, etc. In short, Founders are people that paid the price of admission because they either understand Mr. Mufareh’s vision or they are entrepreneurs simply willing to take the perceived risk of joining. Because that’s what entrepreneurs do; look it up. Either way, they’re ONPASSIVE’s First-line Leaders, considered to be in the top 1% of the company, and cooperatively share in efforts to build and shape the company. To further define the Founder, there are two types. There are the Primary… “Early-Bird” … Founders that are the first round of people to join GoFounders at the cost of $97.00. The oter type of Founder is the “Secondary” Founder. The word “secondary” here is simply a frame-of-reference describing a Founder that has paid an increased cost, which hasn’t happened yet, to purchase a Founder position AFTER the marketing campaigns begin. When the campaigns begin, the price increase will take affect the same day. This means, everybody joining GoFounders through the campaigns, BEFORE ONPASSIVE opens to the public, by paying the increased price will be placed in the Primary Founders’ Teams as Secondary Founders.